Compact folding umbrellas with telescoping shafts available in three striking colors are solid colored when dry. Each has a unique pattern and sprouts pretty Cherry Blossoms, delicate Jade Lilies, or brilliant Blue Poppies when the umbrella gets wet, then disappear when it dries again. You will grin from ear to ear the first time you see it work. Collapsed and folded in its matching fabric cover, the BlossomBrella will easily fit in a purse or coat pocket. Keep one on hand, and you will look forward to the next time it rains.

Dog & Cat Umbrellas

Bella and Max (or is it Buddy?) still love their walks even in wet weather, and you too will be well-heeled with one of these full size, automatic opening, walking stick umbrellas with a smart silhouette graphic of your favorite little companion on the canopy. You’ll be smiling and styling on even the dreariest days. Available in 11 different dog breed styles and one cat.

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