Panacea Particulars was founded on the concept of bringing household and gift products to the market that you definitely need, even if you didn’t know it before; and if you really don’t need them, then maybe they will simply amuse you. We select our products with an eye toward imagination in design and usefulness. We require that all the items we sell are built to formidable standards, fabricated with high quality materials, offered at a price representing a legitimately fair value.

Richly colored compact umbrellas with a flower pattern that magically appears when it rains, as if blooming, and full-size umbrellas with a silhouette graphic of your favorite dog breed or cat will delight you and keep you smiling and styling on even the dreariest days. More products are under development and coming soon so stay tuned to this station.

A portion of Panacea Particulars’ proceeds are donated to The Sasamani Foundation funding not-for-profit organizations that deliver badly needed primary education and childcare services to the children in the coastal fishing village of Bagomoyo, Tanzania. So many of these children have been orphaned, abandoned, and left homeless. They’re the innocent victims of poverty and the AIDS epidemic. Sasamani means “Peace” in Swahili, and The Sasamani Foundation endeavors to help the children by partnering with organizations founded and staffed by local residents dedicated to empowering their communities, while fostering understanding through cultural exchange and cross-cultural cooperation.

We urge you to learn more about The Sasamani Foundation at and consider making a donation. Every dollar you give goes directly to a partner program in Bagamoyo. The Sasamani Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. All board members are volunteers, and non-program related costs are not funded by public donations.

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