To open your compact umbrella – Undo the Velcro strap, slide the handle off of the end of the ribs, give the umbrella a little shake to loosen the folds, and slide the bottom of the mechanism all the way up the shaft until the latch clicks into place.

To close – Release the latch at the top of the shaft by pressing the button, then slide the mechanism down the shaft and the rubber handle over the rib tips.

When closing the umbrella take an extra moment to straighten out the pleats so that it is folded neatly, and your umbrella canopy will look better for a longer time.

Let the umbrella dry before closing it up tightly and putting it away. Your BlossomBrella will dry within about one hour.

Slide the matching fabric cover over the umbrella after it is dry.

Use common sense – Don’t leave your umbrella in the car exposed to sunlight and high heat for long periods of time.

When opening the folding umbrella, and walking with it down the street, take care not to poke yourself or any innocent bystanders.

If the wind is too strong simply put the umbrella away. No umbrella is indestructible against the mighty force of Mother Nature.

The water repellent coating on your umbrella also shields against stains, so you can usually clean off a spill by rinsing or gently wiping the area with a dry cloth. For more persistent stains try a mild dish detergent, nothing stronger, and still only rub gently.

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