Kelly_Singin_1952 I’m Singin’ in the Rain”, Gene Kelly {Click the link at left to watch the clip in HD}

No one ever pulled off an umbrella twirling soft shoe dance, in the pouring rain, on and off the curb into ankle-deep puddles, without losing the shine on his shoes, the crease in his trousers, or his infectious joie de vivre (French for cool). Click on the link above to see this great dance number from the 1952 film. Set in late 1920’s Hollywood, starring Donald O’Connor, Gene Kelly, and the beautiful 19-year-old ingenue Debbie Reynolds, Singin’ in the Rain humorously relates the struggles, antics, and romantic entanglements of a group of actors trying to survive as movies are transitioning from the era of silent films to talkies. A seasoned silent film actress is incensed that they have hired a young actress named Kathy, played by Reynolds, to overdub her lines and songs. Ironically, in making the 1952 film they dubbed over Debbie Reynolds voice for the musical numbers. This film is seriously funny, and some have called it the best musical of all time. Check it out if you haven’t seen it or if it’s been awhile.

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